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Andover Film Club - HITS (Hampshire IT Solutions)

Andover Film Club is all about bringing great films to Andover. They hire the ODEON each month and organise special events. Open to the public, members of the Club choose the films and get great discounts.

The Client:

Andover Film Club


Website Design

Website Design for Andover Film Club

Hampshire IT Solutions (HITS) was tasked with designing a box office ticket sale website for Andover Film Club. We were given complete design freedom on this project and the end result is strong and simple with a contemporary feel that allows the film graphics to really stand out.
Hampshire IT Solutions have provided us with excellent service throughout our time with them. The website has exceeded our expectations and for a volunteer-run group has helped us immeasurably, saving us time and effort. The technical back-up has also been excellent, any issues have been dealt with quickly and efficiently and the club has undoubtedly benefited from their expertise and advice.