IT Support & Solutions

For many years, IT Support has been viewed as a necessary evil and recalls occasions when a techie has been called out to make something work. Perhaps equipment or a process that you don’t understand anyway! Support is a byword for the cost to most people.

So, what do we do differently? Well, we help each person no matter what computer or device they are working on. It could be their laptop, smart phone, tablet or home computer, whether you’re at the office, at home or in a hotel. Crucially, we are here to help, as our support isn’t limited to a fixed list of assets.

Wouldn’t it be great to understand new ways of making work easier, while reducing stress and frustration when we use a computer? Most of us find it difficult when we don’t understand how to do efficiently operate a computer and find it difficult to ask for help. It’s human nature to persevere and try to make things work on your own but if when we can help each other, our working life gets so much easier.

All of our team is here to help our clients. We love to see someone learn how to perform a new task or to discover how fantastic a new application is in making their working day less painful.

In the case you need some new tech, our IT equipment is obtained directly from the manufacturers, allowing us to supply the best equipment available, at the most competitive prices. All of the computers we provide are custom built to suit our clients’ needs and budgets. We offer a no question asked warranty policy on all of our hardware. 1 Year manufacturer warranties are not good enough for our clients that’s why we offer 3 Years worth of warranty on all of the equipment.

Hampshire IT Solutions